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Petite Web Hosting Package

This Petite web hosting package is perfect for a basic website for a small business or even a website dedicated to a hobby where the information that is contained on the website is regarded as being static. That means that the pages are not changing, and they take up very little space due to the way in which they are built, which often means using something called HTML rather than the aforementioned WordPress.


E commerce Web Hosting

With the Petite package you are also restricted when it comes to having an ecommerce store in that you only receive a shared SSL whereas higher priced web hosting packages provide you with your own dedicated IP, for a small monthly fee. You also receive a private SSL offering you more protection and security on your site, which is perfect for anybody that values protecting membership information or handling online payments for an ecommerce website.

However, our web hosting packages all provide you with unlimited sub-domains, full email support, a whole host of website scripts, and the best part is that there is no long-term contract to tie you down. You are free to end your hosting whenever you want and that freedom with no penalty is something that helps mark us out as being different to the majority of hosting companies out there. 


Large Web Hosting Package

However, compare this to the top web hosting package that is available for only $25 a month. This large web hosting package gives you both unlimited space as well as unlimited bandwidth and this is more suitable for those websites that are ever growing both in space and with the number of visitors that it receives every month. There are of course additional features that are only available with this web hosting package, but this shows how understanding what your website is going to be like as well as how popular you expect it to be when trying to choose the website hosting package for your site. large hosting package.