Super Charge your Online Marketing Campaign with our Chatbots

Did you know that there is a quick way to generate more leads, bookings, and sales for your business? The best thing is it is all automatic! With our revolutionary Chatbots, which are the best available on the market, we can set up this service for you in no time. This gives you the availability to focus your time, money, and attention where it is needed.

Chatbots for Websites and 
Social Media Marketing

Our Chat Bots can help you to rapidly grow your business. Our service will have you up and running super-fast with Chatbots on your website, social media, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Businesses worldwide are currently using Chatbots to promote their company, improve customer service, and increase sales. Let us help you to be one of them today!

The evidence

Statistics Don't Lie

Below are statistics to reinforce that you need a chatbot on your site.

Can we Install Chatbots 
on Multiple Pages?

Absolutely! Our Chatbot service provides you with access to artificial intelligence on as many pages as possible. Whether you are looking for an automated web chat on your website or a specialised bot for social media messaging apps, we can set it up for you and your business today to get started with excellent site conversion rates.

How Many Chatbots can 
you Create for me?

We can create an unlimited amount of Chatbots for you! You can use them on as many of your different websites or social media accounts as you want, and we will customise them to fit all of your needs. There is a range of bots for you to choose from, depending on what service you are looking for.

Can we create Chatbots 
in Any Language?

Definitely, yes, we can create Chatbots in any language you like. We can choose to automatically translate or manually translate any Chatbots we have created for you. 

Will Chatbots Work on Any Device?

Yes, we will install and set up your Chatbots' services to reach your needs based on your business, customer base, and specifications.

What Chatbots can you Create for my Website?

Below are the range of different types of Chatbots we can create for you:


Delayed Chatbots Settings

Usually, you will find that a Chatbot will display as soon as a new user lands on a page on your site. If you prefer, we can customise this and create a delay setting so that the Chatbot opens automatically after a number of seconds, when the user scrolls down the page .e.g. 50%, a section on the page and when someone is going to exit the page.

More Chatbot Statistics

  • 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because they deliver quick answers to simple questions. (Salesforce)
  • 65% of consumers feel comfortable handling an issue without a human agent. (Adweek)
  • 40% of buyers don’t care if they are served by a bot or a human agent, as long as they get the support they need. (HubSpot)
  • 48% of users prefer to interact with a chatbot that solves issues over a chatbot that has a personality. (Business Insider)
  • 82% of consumers claim that instant responses to their questions are very important when contacting brands. (Business 2 Community)
  • 64% of consumers claim that 24⁄7 service is the most useful chatbot functionality. (The Chatbot)

Is My Company Data 
Kept Safe?

The Chatbot platform uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, which has a reputation of being a highly secure cloud service with a range of data protection and security guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Chatbots also use 129-bit SSL encryption for all of the data transfer used and follows strict security protocols in all of the Chatbots, functionality areas, so not only is your data safe but so are your customers. We also ensure that all data is backed up daily.

Our Chatbot Service Demo Video

Below is a demo of the Chatbot on this website everything in our Chatbot services are easily customisable to any industry. Contact us today using our Chatbot on the website, email: or phone 0438 617 917.

How we help you Improve your Sales?

We are passionate about sales, and our mission is to help your business achieve sales growth. 

We have developed our services so all businesses can profit from the fantastic conversions and sales that Chatbot can provide you. We are improving how businesses convert every visitor to their website, converting into more leads and more customers, which eventually means higher profits.

Unlimited Uses for Chatbots

Whether you are looking for a conversational chatbot, an enterprise chatbot, a Chatbot to capture leads, or perhaps you have you been searching for a Chatbot personal assistant to add to your website to improve the customer experience.  We can provide you with the right Chatbot to meet your businesses' needs.

We will Simplify the Chatbot Process

We want all business to be able to have access to Chatbots. We focus on the installation and set up so that even if you don’t understand how Chatbots work or where to begin creating them, that doesn’t need to stop you or your business from benefitting from them. 

We are excited to simplify Chatbot for you through our services, giving you full access to all the Chatbot services we offer.

Interactive Chatbot

We will create a more interactive and entertaining way for you that elevates and leverages the whole concept of conversational marketing. The best thing is that Chatbots are fully automated. We will set them up for you, and you will let them do the job you require, watching the results.

No Time to Wait Contact 
us Today!

Whatever it is that you need, we are the go-to solution for online Chatbots for business. We can provide a custom service that is made especially for your needs. Contact us today to take your online marketing to the next level. 

Our Chatbot Features Above Explained

Done for you Chatbot:  We will design a Chatbot for your website and Facebook page. 

Bot on Website and Facebook: We will install the Chatbot on your website and Facebook page. 

Self Manage Live Chat: Clients will have to respond to live chat enquiries by themselves. 

Unlimited Interactions/Chats: There is no limit on users using your Chatbot. 

Unlimited Support: You can contact us by phone, email, or Chatbot if you have any questions or issues with the Chatbot.

Marketing Services: Broadcast: We willsend unlimited messages to your subscribers. 

Subscribes: Subscribers are created when Social Media users interact with your Chatbot. Subscribers can be marketed to by sending Broadcasts to subscribers within 24 hours of interacting with the Chatbot and a one time offer anytime after the 24 hours.

Popup/Overlays: Four Types:
Overlays holding a nifty little Send to Messenger button allowing visitors to become subscribers with one single click.
Post Engagement:
Get Messenger subscribers from people who comment and reply to your fan page posts. Fully automated.

AI Learning: We scan all the Chat interactions, and when we see an interaction that the user tried to make, and the results were not what was expected, we add those words to the Chatbot. So the next time the user interacts the same way, the results will be as expected.

Email: Integrate your email marketing automation solution to capture leads, update contacts, delete contacts based on chatbot behaviour, and much more.
CRM: Integrate your favourite CRM with Clever Messenger to capture leads, update contacts based on chatbot behaviour, and more.
Webinar: Integrate your favourite Webinar solution with Clever Messenger to capture leads, register attendees, update contacts based on chatbot or webinar behaviour, and more.

Webhooks: With Webhooks, you can connect your Chatbot with any third-party application in the world. Use it in combination with the API and put all of this in overdrive.

Checkbox: For E-commerce: 2 leads for 1. Generate email and Messenger subscribers simultaneously. As well as sending E-commerce data and more.

Managed Live Chat: We will respond to enquiries if the owner doesn't do so. Monday to Friday and 9 am to 11 pm Saturday, and Sunday 9 am to 11 pm.

DIY Chatbot: With a DIY Chatbot, you will have to do everything yourself. We offer support if you need help with any issues you are having.